We offer an examination that investigates the symptoms of visual stress in children and adults. The use of coloured filters can really help with this condition.

Visual stress is a condition in which children and some adults can find reading difficult and uncomfortable.

Symptoms of visual stress may include finding words on the page to be blurry, the words move on the page or they overlap. This can result in headaches, sensitivity to light and a reluctance to read. Indeed, often one of the first signs of visual stress is a child falling behind their peers in terms of reading development. Other visual tasks may also be affected.

In our private clinic, a coloured overlay assessment is initially performed to assess if there is any significant improvement in reading rates. After using the overlays for six weeks a decision will be taken on whether to proceed with colorimetry. This is the process by which an exact tint is determined for use in spectacle lenses. A colorimeter is an instrument with many filters of various colour, saturation and brightness which then calculates the specific tint to be prescribed for each individual patient.

We have had significant success with both coloured overlays and colorimetry. Dyslexic patients, patients who are light-sensitive, migraine sufferers and people with photosensitive epilepsy have all been found to benefit from visual stress assessments. It is important to rule out any other potential causes of reading difficulties before proceeding, so ensure you book an eye test beforehand.


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